The Hong Kong China Inline Hockey Association is committed to promoting and educating interested parties who would like to explore further options in learning skills such as refereeing and coaching.

Want to be a coach, referee or play? It is now easier than ever to get involved with inline hockey. Hong Kong China Inline Hockey Association has developed playing rules and certification programs, in compliance with FIRS standards, to help you become part of our team.

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Foundational Training Program for Coaching

This program will aid the development of coaches who will then be able to effectively give the fundamental hockey and life skills to players. Not only does this program aim to provide you with basic coaching material, but it also has been designed to help you understand that there is more to coaching than just instructing players what to do.

The purpose of this program is to provide you with the necessary skills to help develop the basic skills of the young players in Hong Kong. Developing both hockey and life skills in the younger generation will provide Hong Kong with building blocks at the grass roots level. This program aims to improve participants’ sense of personal well-being and create a more complete understanding of what constitutes fair play. It is essential to develop these skills for the following reasons:

  • Continue the growth of inline hockey in Hong Kong
  • Creating an attitude of life-long participation in inline hockey
  • Improving not only their inline hockey skills, but also life skills.
  • Developing players further as they get older

The key ingredient to this program will focus on:


Referee Training Clinics

To begin one's training in the art of refereeing the person can assist a certified referee officiate games until such time as a training course is offered. Time spent assisting to officiate games is not credited toward the requirements for certification (see level 1 below) but it is highly recommended to assist in as many games as possible before taking the course as this experience will familiarize you with the rules and also how to apply them. A log of games that you officiate signed by the certified referee and scorekeeper is recommended. This may prove helpful when applying to enroll in the level 1 course, particularly if the course is over-subscribed.

Level 1 V Referee

To get certified at this beginning level the candidate must be 13 years of age or older, of either gender. They must take the 6-hour training course offered by the Hong Kong China Inline Hockey Association and referee at a League level for a minimum of 5 games. At least 2 games must be at Bantam age level (U 14) or above. Following this training and experience, a Master Referee (IHA trainer level) will access candidates and if their skill and knowledge are considered satisfactory they will be certified a Referee (which is the HIA's level one certification).

The Hong Kong China Inline Hockey Association will issue a certificate and badge on successful completion.

Level 2 V Senior Referee

Candidates for this level must be 18 years of age or older and have refereed two full League seasons of at least 10 games plus officiated at least one international tournament. They must have substantial experience at adult and/or senior teen (U17 and U 19) age levels. A panel of Referees at Senior or Master Level will access the application based on the record and skill of the candidate. Senior Referees will be eligible to be recommended by the Hong Kong China Inline Hockey Association to officiate at international tournaments suitable for their experience.

The Hong Kong China Inline Hockey Association will issue a certificate and badge on successful completion.

Level 3 V Master Referee

The Hong Kong China Inline Hockey Association can confer this status on a referee who has achieved a "Trainer" level in knowledge, experience and skill. A Master Referee will be expected to conduct at least one training course per year and mentor up to 10 trainees. They can recommend candidates for certification for level 1 "V Referee and level 2 "V Senior Referee (as panel member). A certificate and badge will be awarded by the Hong Kong China Inline Hockey Association.

We play inline hockey at many skill levels domestically and internationally. The National Referee level was created for two reasons, one to get the International playing rules into a country that was developing the sport. The second reason was to allow the developing countries to implement a referee program that will train referees not only for domestic play but to develop skills for advanced International play.

The association is involved in organizing and hosting referee clinics throughout the year.

Inline Hockey Camps

Inline Hockey Training Camps can be organized by the HKCIHA. Camps be organized prior to the Hong Kong Inline Cup and typically are held over a two day period.

Additionally, a more extensive camp program can be customized for your training needs. For details please contact for details.

King’s Park Centenary Centre

King’s Park Centenary Centre also offers regular training sessions and courses for beginners to learn the basic skills of skating, passing, offensive and defensive strategies.


King’s Park Centenary Centre offers a variety of inline hockey training courses including:

Inline Skating Course

The course introduces the fundamental skills of skating through fun and games: Balance, forward and backward skating, turning, forward crossover, and stopping technique. Vast improvements will be seen from the start to the end of course to allow for progression to the next stage of development in inline skating.

Intermediate Inline Skating

Improve on basic skills already learnt: Advanced turning, backwards skating, T-stop, slalom, forward crossovers. This course allows skaters to become comfortable on their skates and progress onto developing to advanced techniques.

Advanced Inline Skating

This course will teach proven power skating techniques that can be used both for hockey and recreational skating. Experienced instructors will teach advanced skating skills including backward crossover, forward/backward power slide, advanced stopping, start-up and power skating. Reach your potential and take full advantage of the possibilities of inline skating.

Introductory Inline Hockey

This is a great introduction into the sport of Inline Hockey. Experienced coaches will teach the rules and basic fundamental skills essential for Inline Hockey including stick handling, passing, shooting and team play. Skills are learned and developed through participation in activities and games, which are structured to ensure all players experience enhanced involvement, success and enjoyment.

Advanced Inline Hockey

This course is developed for those eager to take those basic skills of Inline Hockey to the next level. Experienced coaches will teach advanced techniques and skills essential to prepare the player for the competitive game play. This course is designed to be safe and fun while building confidence and emphasizing participation, correct technique and implementation of skills in game based situations. After this stage the player will be ready to participate within one of our many Inline Hockey Leagues.

Tykes Inline Hockey Programme

The Tykes program is an opportunity for children aged 4 to 8 years old to learn inline hockey skills. No skating skills required. Participants will be taught basic skating and hockey skills. The first half of the session is devoted to acquiring new skills while the second is spent playing games and activities specified to make learning skills fun and enjoyable. After completing this program the player will be developed and ready to join the Hong Kong Youth Inline Hockey League. This exciting program allows youth to get an early start in the sport so that they have basic competence of the game before they start actual league play.

King’s Park Centenary Centre (KPCC) is located at 22 Gascoigne Road, Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon, Hong Kong

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