The Hong Kong China Inline Hockey Association follows the Governing International Roller Inline Hockey Rules and Regulations.

Rules and regulations for conducting international Roller Inline Hockey Championships have been established through the Committee International de Roller In-Line Hockey (CIRILH), an organization and discipline of the International Federation of Roller Sports (FIRS).

All FIRS recognized National Federations in good standing are hereby granted permission, without charge, to reproduce and distribute these rules in their own national languages as a means to promote FIRS inline roller hockey programs throughout the world. However, it must be understood that any subsequent differences or inconsistencies resulting from translation must defer for final disposition to this original English version that is the Official FIRS statements as to the Organizational and Playing Rules for the sport of international roller inline hockey.

The CIRILH Committee shall have full governing control over the Roller In-Line Hockey World Championships, which must be played in accordance with these rules, as well as all Statutes and Administrative Rules of FIRS.


The name of this organization is the Comite International de Roller Inline Hockey (CIRILH). This organization is one of the technical committees governing a roller skating discipline of the International Federation of Roller Sports (FIRS), which is the world governing body for all competitive roller sports.

The CIRILH has the following objectives:

  • To preside over and promote all roller inline hockey activities throughout the world in its two different specialties of hockey played with either puck and ball, and to establish and maintain that all affiliated FIRS Federations observe these Organizational Rules and the mandatory requirements of the Rules of the Game for their specific programs of roller inline hockey.
  • The Technical Committees of the International Federation of Roller Sports are responsible for issuing, changing and/or amending the technical rules of their own disciplines. (FIRS Statutes) The General Assembly of the CIRILH shall have the authority to approve changes to the Organizational Rules and Rules of the Game when amendments are proposed which bear the recommendation of the CIRILH Executive Committee or when requested by affiliated members at the appropriate time and format as required for placement on the agenda of the Assembly.>
  • To ensure that all international events have the authorization of the CIRILH as stipulated by current Organizational Rules.
  • To ensure that player and team eligibility rules for the game of Roller Inline Hockey receive full compliance in accord with the CIRILH Rules of the Game, the Financial, Medical and World Championship Regulations of FIRS and the Statutes of the International Olympic Committee.

International Federation of Roller Sports (FIRS) Roller Inline Hockey Rules of the Game and Organizational Rules.

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