Hong Kong China Inline Hockey Association Sanctioned Leagues

Leagues that are officially sanctioned by the Hong Kong China Inline Hockey Association, follow the Official Playing Rules of the Federation Internationale of Roller Sports (FIRS). This allows leagues to be safer and more competitive when they have a balanced set of rules and proper certified referees. In unsanctioned leagues, the rules may be drastically different and changed in mid-season, causing confusion and perhaps unfair conditions. The Hong Kong China Inline Hockey Association has several committees and staff members to focus their efforts on more fair and safer playing conditions.

In sanctioned leagues, the Hong Kong China Inline Hockey Association can assist to uphold appropriate disciplinary actions should a player, coach, team official, referee or other person receives a suspension for playing or rules violations.

King’s Park Centenary Centre (KPCC)

The KPCC rink is the first purpose built, professionally fitted in-line hockey rink in Hong Kong. It has the capacity to host in-line hockey tournaments, instructional lessons and recreational skating. It features a 45 by 22.5 meter Plexifloor skating surface with professional rebound-board system, scoreboard, penalty boxes and a state-of-the-art sound system.


The YMCA of Hong Kong organizes both Recreational and Adult Inline Hockey leagues. The leagues are hosted at King’s Park Centenary Centre, which is the only dedicated inline hockey rink in Hong Kong. The leagues run throughout the season and are split into both recreational and competitive leagues.

For further detail on the youth and adults leagues please contact Tim Lau at inline@ymcahk.org.hk or telephone +852 2782 6682.