Hong Kong China Inline Hockey Association (HKCIHA)

The Hong Kong China Inline Hockey Association (HKCIHA) was incorporated in 2002 and is affiliated with the Hong Kong Federation of Rollers Sports (HKFRS).

The associations mission and vision is to promote and develop the sport of Inline Hockey through actively promoting and developing personal inline hockey skills, referees, and coaches.

Hong Kong Inline Hockey League

Through the sport of inline hockey, children, men and women will enjoy the thrill of an exciting, healthy sport and take opportunity to develop their character and leadership abilities with a view to make a positive contribution to their family and society.

Through this vehicle of sport, one will learn and appreciate the value of relationships - transferable skills and attitudes that can promote peace and understanding in our city, region, and world.

Hong Kong Inline Cup (HKIC)

The Hong Kong Inline Cup is an event that the association hosts annually. The event commenced in 2000 with teams from around Asia Pacific and North America attending. The tournament is the largest Inline Hockey Tournament in East Asia and has attracted teams from: Australia, Barzil, Canada, Iran, Japan, Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, United Kingdom and United States.

Hong Kong Inline Championships

The Hong Kong Inline Championships are an event the association coordinates annually with an emphasis on creating opportunities for local Hong Kong teams to represent Hong Kong in the Hong Kong Inline Cup.

Hong Kong Inline Hockey Fun Day

The Hong Kong Inline Hockey Fun Day is an event coordinated by the HONG KONG CHINA INLINE HOCKEY ASSOCIATION in support from Hong Kong Federation of Roller Sports (HKFRS) and the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) with the ultimate goal in providing an opportunity for children, youth and adults to learn and try inline hockey in a non-competitive environment.

Hong Kong Federation of Roller Sports (HKFRS)

The Hong Kong Federation of Roller Sports (HKFRS) was established in 1980 and is affiliated with the Federation International de Roller Sports (FIRS) established in 1924, and the Confederation Asia of Roller Sports (CARS) established in 1978, and the Sports Federation & Olympic Committee if Hong Kong, China (SF & OC)

The Hong Kong federation of Roller Sports (HKFRS) is responsible for: Skateboarding, Aggressive Inline Skating, and Skating. Skating includes: Artistic Skating, Inline Speed Skating, and Hockey both Rink Hockey and Inline Hockey. Additionally, Artistic Skating is divided into Figure Skating, Free Skating, Mixed Pair and Dance Skating; Speed Skating includes Track, Road, Marathon, Downhill and Freestyle.

International de Roller Sports (FIRS)

This fundamentally hockey oriented group was originated in Montreux, Switzerland in April of 1924 by two Swiss sportsmen, Fred Renkewitz and Otto Myer, who had close ties to the International Olympic Committee.

The 1926 championships had six countries participating, which included the addition of teams from Belgium and Italy. Under the Presidency (1964 to 1973) of Victoriano Oliveras de la Riva, a Spaniard, the FIPR changed its name to Federation Internationale de Roller Skating (FIRS) in the mid 1960's to become officially recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as the international governing body for all roller skating. There was much interest, originating in Europe, for making the sport of roller skating a participant in the Olympic Games. Such IOC recognition is first necessary for inclusion in the Olympic Games. In the 1970’s, the General Association of International Sport Federations (GAISF) gave similar membership recognition to FIRS.

The latest and fourth discipline of roller sports, Inline Roller Hockey organized the first such World Championship in Chicago, USA in the summer of 1995.

Confederation Asia of Roller Sports (CARS)

The Confederation of Asia Roller Sports (CARS) is the main roller skating organization of Asia. CARS is part of the International Roller Sports Federation, or FIRS. Under the umbrella of CARS they are responsible for Inline Downhill, Roller Hockey, Inline Hockey and Speed Skating.

One of the highlighted events organized by CARS is the Rink Hockey Asian Championship.

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